Critical Mass-An Introduction

Scripture identifies the apostasy as being one of the most significant events of the end times. It is a spiritual phenomenon which will occur (actually is occurring) when the greater portion of the Church will fall away from a true saving faith in God. But the Church is the cumulative total of individuals and, in regards to an individual, that person isn’t truly an apostate until he crosses the point of no return; i.e. he has so hardened his heart and set his course away from God that he has become irretrievable. Of course, only God knows when a person has crossed that line.

But I believe the term can be used in a broader sense, as well. When the Church, on the whole, has drifted far off course and is gaining momentum away from “the faith,” this too can be rightly labeled as the apostasy—even though many of the individuals making up that body of people can still be won back to Christ.

“Critical mass” is an idiom that can be properly applied to this phenomenon. According to Wikipedia, it “is a sociodynamic term to describe the existence of sufficient momentum in a social system such that the momentum becomes self-sustaining and creates further growth.” One of the contexts they apply this concept to is that of public opinion: “the aggregate of individual attitudes or beliefs held by the adult population.”

Perhaps critical mass more accurately defines what is occurring in the Church than the term apostasy. I’ll leave such semantics up to those with greater intellects than I possess. All I know is that in my 40+ years of involvement in the evangelical Church, I have seen a definite movement away from “the faith.” Even more significant is looking at the current condition of the Church compared with what it looked like a century ago.

In my book, Standing Firm through the Great Apostasy, I used a Christian movie entitled Time Changer to illustrate how far Christendom has veered off course in the past 100 years.

The storyline occurs in 1890 and revolves around a Bible professor who is unwittingly transported by a time machine into modern-day America. For five days, he finds himself trapped in a wicked world to which you and I have become shamefully accustomed. However, the important contrast to note is not so much how much the world as a whole has changed but the vast disparity in the Christian cultures of these two eras.

Of course, there were nominal (name only) Christians in his period; but they didn’t make up the majority of the Church. And there were certainly churchgoers who were involved in various forms of habitual sin; but there weren’t multitudes of them. And there were soothsaying preachers who refused to confront sin in the 1890’s; but they weren’t the typical.

So, if we were to view the Church as a great ship crossing the ocean heading for a definite destination (Christlikeness, separation from the world, in love with God, etc.), we would have to say that it had strayed far off course and is, in fact, heading in some other direction.

That is the apostasy.


This section of the Eternal Weight of Glory website is dedicated to providing stories that portray this great falling away in a more personal manner. Some of them will be true stories, while others will be composite pictures of people I have encountered and situations I have witnessed over the years. These accounts will feature people from a variety of settings—preachers, Christian media executives, typical laypeople, etc.—but each story will offer its own version of the apostasy. Taken together, these different stories provide a composite picture of this horrible phenomenon that is occurring before our very eyes. Again, I do not mean to imply that any of the individuals described are beyond the reach of the Holy Spirit. Their stories are only meant to illustrate the overall phenomenon that is happening today.

I firmly believe that anyone who is willing to be honest with himself and will sincerely do his best to seek the Lord, will be safely kept in His mighty hand through all of the deception and spiritual danger that we are heading into. While the sincere believer will stand firmly assured of his salvation, he will also stay as far from the cliff of apostasy as he possibly can.

It is my hope that these different accounts will help the reader gain a clearer sight into the great spiritual battle that is taking place in the unseen realm around us during our time.