1. Jesus in a Bad Marriage

God has procured a wife for His Son to enjoy forever. But Scripture also tells of another bride; one who said the vows, who wanted all of the benefits of such a marriage, but never really gave her heart to Him. Her deepest affections were reserved for her lover–a nasty boyfriend who would indulge her carnal passions. An unforgettable conclusion. (56:16-Apostasy)  Steve Gallagher

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2. Life Behind the Veil

Scripture tells us that there is a veil that rests over the hearts of mankind, obscuring the unseen realm around us. We need a revelation–an unveiling–of Jesus Christ. It is through the spiritual disciplines that we can know more about this world. The Word teaches us what goes on behind the veil. Fasting gives us a greater sensitivity to it. But when we enter our prayer closet, we actually go behind the veil and affect what transpires there. (59:40-Time & EternitySteve Gallagher

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3. A Personal Revival

Jeff Colon picked himself up off the floor of a private room where he had spent hours literally on his face crying out to God before he delivered this message at a key biblical counseling conference. There were tears in his eyes as he thundered to the congregation that day about the need we all have to humble ourselves before God. An unforgettable message.  Jeff Colon (56:50-Revival)

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4. Crazy Christians

It began when Pastor Steve felt the Lord impress a message into his heart which he in turn translated into his own vernacular: “Christians are crazy if they don’t immerse themselves in My Word while they still can.” The world is becoming increasingly darker. Random murders and bizarre weather patterns are becoming commonplace. But the “perilous times” of the last days are not physical but spiritual. Satan’s power to deceive and seduce are growing every day. It is critical that we spiritually prepare ourselves. Steve Gallagher (54:41)

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5. An Eternal Weight of Glory

This message, which God burned into Steve Gallagher’s heart, served as the catalyst of this website. God has a purpose in the life of every believer: to glorify that person for all eternity. This is not merely preaching hyperbole but the reality of what occurs in the soul of every believer who honors the Lord with his life. A divinely-driven process goes on during the person’s time on earth which will not be truly seen until the hereafter. A message every believer should hear. (48:32-Time & EternitySteve Gallagher

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6. God’s Man in Babylon

There is a tremendous oppression upon the people of God by the spirit of this world. Multitudes of Christians have been swept up in the carnal allurements of this present evil age. Daniel and his three friends faced the same pressure in the courts of the king of Babylon, but they refused to compromise. Steve Gallagher (48:07-Babylon in Church)

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7. The Way of Cain

In this passionate talk, Steve addresses the great reality of our day: a multitude of churchgoers with no more than “a form of godliness.” As he explains, there is a spiritual dynamic involved with a person falling away from God. Could his explanation bridge the gap between Calvinism and Arminianism? The key to this longstanding debate could very well be found in ‘The Way of Cain.’ Steve Gallagher (40:17-Apostasy)

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8. The Spiritual Peril of the Last Days

The great danger of the end times church is not the judgments of God; nor is it persecution. Paul clearly warned that the thing end time believers should fear above all else is falling away from God. In this message, Steve explains the underlying factor that allows this tragedy to occur. Steve Gallagher (46:47-Apostasy)

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9. The Great Outpouring

Scripture implies that before Jesus Christ returns there will be a worldwide revival. Most Christians cannot imagine supernatural living; what it will be like to truly be filled with the Holy Spirit. The Lord is not coming back for a sickly Bride, laden with sin and worldliness; He is returning for a Bride “without spot or wrinkle.” Steve Gallagher (42:47-Revival)

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10. Building a Godly Timeline

Using Ephesians 2, Steve systematically leads his audience through the typical believer’s life: from the time he was lost, following the masses toward the brink of hell; to his salvation and the lifetime of works that will surely follow; and on into a rich and eternal reward in glory. (41:21-Time & EternitySteve Gallagher

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