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10293315_s“This is a busy age, bustling and active, and this bustling spirit has invaded the church of God. We pray without praying. We sing without singing with the Spirit and the understanding. . . . We go to church by habit and come home all too gladly when the benediction is pronounced.” — E.M. Bounds


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In 1986, Kathy Gallagher helped her husband Steve found Pure Life Ministries, a ministry for men struggling with habitual sexual sin. Kathy soon found herself spending countless hours ministering to the hurting wives of these men, pointing them to Jesus and giving them hope through the very answers that worked for her. Each year hundreds of wives receive counseling through the counseling program she initiated for them years ago. Today, she administrates and produces video clips for the Eternal Weight website.
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  1. Carol Bourque  March 10, 2014

    Father forgive us. Send a spirit of brokenness and repentance to your church.
    We need You to revive us!
    O God…..Open our blind eyes, soften our complacent hearts to the reality that was shared in this quote I pray.

  2. Greg Gordon  March 10, 2014

    ““This is a busy age, bustling and active, and this bustling spirit has invaded the church of God. ”

    If Bounds knew how bad it was going to get he would have spoken much harder. Lord forgive me for allowing ever the busyness of this life to make me unfruitful and ineffective.

  3. Mark Case  March 13, 2014

    Thank you, Steve and Kathy, for continuing in your honest, relentless effort to give insight into how things really are within the body and the Kingdom at large. Your labor is not in vain. Yes. If we would all stop long enough to partake of our spiritual privileges given through Jesus Christ, we would all see more clearly, and be the much better off for it. To the praise of the Glory of His grace! Keep on keeping on!

    • Kathy Gallagher  March 13, 2014

      As Corrie Ten Boom once said; “Beware of the barrenness of a busy life.” All of us have to be careful to guard our hearts from so many distractions – to redeem our time as best we can. I want to always live in the awareness of my proneness to wander – even for “good things.”


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