The Nicolaitan Conspiracy

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Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 9.35.17 AMBy the time Jesus gave a direct word to the “Seven Churches of Revelation,” a terrible antinomian movement had swept through the Early Church. It’s message: You don’t have to obey God. By manipulating Scripture, these Nicolaitan teachers had created an atmosphere of rebellion. Satan has resurrected this lie and it is coming into the End Times Church through some surprising venues. View video or listen to audio.



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In 1986, Kathy Gallagher helped her husband Steve found Pure Life Ministries, a ministry for men struggling with habitual sexual sin. Kathy soon found herself spending countless hours ministering to the hurting wives of these men, pointing them to Jesus and giving them hope through the very answers that worked for her. Each year hundreds of wives receive counseling through the counseling program she initiated for them years ago. Today, she administrates and produces video clips for the Eternal Weight website.
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  1. Candace Schumacher  July 2, 2014

    Pastor Steve and Kathy, I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude for you both for pouring your hearts into this website. I am eternally grateful that you have made eternal weight available, and I just had to thank you and testify what God did in my life today after hearing this sermon. First, since the pure life annual conference my husband Nathan and I have begun devouring these messages as though it were better than oxygen itself. For each time we hear a sermon or read a quote or watch a video we are shaken, messed with, and stripped of our nasty twisted sinful ways of thinking. And we look forward to being deeply gutted on the inside because it is bringing us deeper in love with our saviour Jesus. On June 30th, I heard my husband 3 rooms over jumping up and down and saying “3 New posts in one day, hallelujah!!!” I immediately felt a bone chilling grip on my soul. As the day went on the holy spirit prompted me to hear this sermon with a heart ready for a life defining moment. Just in the last week I had blamed my love for the sin of getting angry with my husband, children, and my parents. A day prior to hearing this sermon I knew I was going to lose my family if I did not stop living like a raging lunatic. As I have read in create in me a pure heart in the the last chapter about Grace my time is up for being so angry without reaping God’s merciful judgment. I cried for hours asking God to send me a solution as to why I was not getting free. “Listen to the sermon” he said so even though I knew I would hear a merciful message I knew it was going to rattle me, and bring me to a place of decision. As I listened, this clear cut message that I can no longer play the victim role and think it’s going to fly at the judgement seat of Christ, I was deeply convicted that I was living in the apostasy that it’s ok to disobey God and live in violent anger towards my husband and 5 innocent children because I was a victim of abuse. Then I heard the most terrifying words from Jesus I had ever heard in my life. “Candace you will see me face to face one day and if you continue in this apostasy that pastor Steve is exposing you will say to me Jesus I love you and I know you understand why I could not stop getting angry, I was so badly treated as a child. So happy to spend eternity with you Jesus. And then I will have to look at you and say depart from me, I do not know you. Repent candace and take responsibility for wanting to live in self deception! I want you with me in eternity, I love you, put this apostasy away it can eventually destroy you.” Those were the most loving and honest words I could possibly have heard. After listening to this sermon I for the first time in my life was able to see this wretched apostasy that I actually believed that I could remain angry and disobedient and still inherit the kingdom of God because God understood what a harsh childhood I had. I truly repented and took responsibility and told my husband and children that they did not deserve to be victimized by me and it was my own hearts choice to yell and rage and it was not their fault. I no longer blamed anyone not even the devil or my childhood. All I can say is I have cried ocean’s of repentant tears for getting angry at my family but in my heart I always blamed them for why I would get mad. Today a 24 hour volcano of seething anger in my heart was obliterated. I know it will take much time to retrain my mind to respond in love when I become irritated, but my soul has been saved! The apostasy exposed and defeated! I can even now express to my own pastor how grateful I am that for years he has addressed sin and preached repentance. And to you pastor Steve and Kathy, thank you for caring for the one Schumacher family off the cliff while there were 99 safe in the fold. Your obedience to run this website I believe allowed for me to hear the true word of God and come back in the arms of Jesus .


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