Steve Gallagher

For nearly thirty years of intense ministry to those bound in sexual sin, Steve Gallagher has led thousands of desperate souls into an encounter with the Cross. This experience has given him deep insight into the human heart and the unseen spiritual realm that surrounds us.

Steve’s burden is to see the Church at large purified and possessed by the power of God. His messages expose the apostasy, impart an eternal perspective and call Christians to a deeper life in God.

Listener Comments:

Come Out of the Darkness of Babylon — “ Wow….. ” Steve Gallagher builds and builds to a emotional climax based in very sound theology. At times ferocious, pleading, aggressive, confronting, gentle, begging……but always manly and righteous and totally sound theologically. Please consider…where will you spend eternity??? Listen to this. — Australia

God’s Man in Babylon — A sobering and powerful message. Oh that the body of Christ would hear this message more from pulpits. The ministry of Steve Gallagher is needed in the body of Christ. Praise the Lord for the message and messenger. There are few voices in North America giving a clear warning and sounding of coming apostasy and Antichrist. — Georgia

The Three Great Woes of Hell — A fearful, but honest message by the blessed brother Gallagher. It is time for many to get alone with the Lord, and with His Holy Word, and start reading God’s Word for what it says, and also to stop comparing ourselves with lukewarm and worldly, religious professors. — British Columbia


If you are interested in having Steve Gallagher as a speaker, please contact us at [email protected]