My 60th Birthday!

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Men seeking the Lord at PLM.

Men seeking the Lord at PLM.

Today I received a very special birthday present from the Lord. I had been scheduled to give my monthly message at Pure Life Ministries the Sunday before but the meeting was cancelled due to inclement weather. So instead of preaching on March 2nd, I would be bringing the message today, on my 60th birthday!

A few days ago I was praying about three in the morning when suddenly the Lord came. Four hours later I got up from my prayer time, convinced that God was going to come in a powerful way on my birthday. The title of the message would be, “Crying Out for the Holy Spirit.”

I gave that message this morning and told everyone that God was going to throw a special birthday party for me. But I also told them it wouldn’t occur during the sermon but afterwards, in a special time of seeking. And that’s exactly what happened. For over an hour everyone present prayed and worshipped and sought the Lord. Then suddenly He came! It was powerful and invigorating for everyone. I couldn’t have asked for a better entrance into the 60’s!My 60th Birthday!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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In 1986, Steve founded Pure Life Ministries (PLM), the first ministry in the world to sexual addicts. Over the years he and his wife Kathy did their utmost to create a spiritual atmosphere for men who entered the PLM residential center. It was part of God's plan for him to begin this ministry, but over the years the Lord laid a burden on Steve's heart to call the Church back to holy living. In 2008, Steve stepped down from running PLM to devote the rest of his life to exposing the great apostasy, calling people to repentance and leading Christians into an eternal perspective. Follow Steve Gallagher on Google+
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  1. Ted Heath  March 9, 2014

    Happy Birthday Steve !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Annemarie  March 9, 2014

    Praise the LORD! What a grace and blessing!

  3. Jeannette Luft  March 9, 2014

    Happy Birthday Steve, and many many more, at least until the Lord comes back for us.

  4. Carol Bourque  March 9, 2014

    It was the best birthday celebration I’ve ever been to!
    The Lord didn’t just give gifts to the birthday boy, He gave them to all of us who cried out to Him!
    Thank you Lord for showing me Your great heart of compassion today!

  5. Mark  March 9, 2014

    We rejoice with you, Steve! Thank you for letting us in on what the Lord is doing for you and those at Pure Life! He IS faithful indeed!

    It’s not quite my sixtieth, but the Lord is moving in our midst in a special way too. He has been stirring us with great anticipation for a few months now, and we are beginning to see the evidence of that. I look forward to hearing more good reports from you, and sending the same.

    Happy Birthday, brother! (They say 60 is the new 40 :))

  6. Greg Gordon  March 10, 2014

    Praise God brother, we desperately need more of the genuine presence of God in our personal lives and the corporate assemblies as they gather in Jesus Name. Thank you for your eternal perspective on your birthday :)


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