1. Four Roadblocks to Holiness

The human conscience is a mental faculty instilled within man to act, not only as a moral monitor, but also as a receptacle of the voice of the Holy Spirit. God’s Spirit guides the believer through the lifelong process of sanctification–a process the enemy attempts to thwart by throwing roadblocks into the believer’s life.  Steve Gallagher (45:56–Preaching-Inward Life)

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2. Willing God’s Will

When superficial Christians think about doing God’s will, they think in terms of obeying a few biblical commandments. But when Jesus said that the only people who will gain admittance into heaven are those who do God’s will, He was speaking of something very specific and precise. God has a definite plan for each of His children and it is their responsibility to search it out and live it.  Steve Gallagher (71:41–Preaching-Inward Life)

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3. Revelation 22

The final chapter of the Apocalypse brings the tremendous visions of John to a close and ends the book and indeed, the entire Bible, with a fitting conclusion. The reader who was promised blessings in the opening chapter is encouraged and warned in the concluding chapter. Are we preparing ourselves for eternal woe or everlasting bliss? The way we lived our lives will determine the answer. So much is at stake.  Steve Gallagher (53:47–Teaching-The Apocalypse

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4. The Joy of the Lord

This is the second part to the message, “A Time to Tear Down.” One of the spiritual benefits of God’s process of tearing down the Self life is to allow us to participate in His joy. Scripture repeatedly affirms that God is full of joy and, likewise, those who are full of His Spirit are also full of His joy. The deep, inward fulfillment this joy represents is what the world longs for–but typically pursues in all the wrong places.  Steve Gallagher (48:09–Preaching-Inward Life)

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5. Revelation 21

Since Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden in Genesis 3, mankind has awaited the unveiling of the New Jerusalem. This heavenly home will be a place where sin, disease, pain, sorrow, even death are no longer found. The greatest feature of this land of enchantment will be that God is finally able to dwell amongst His people. This tremendous metropolis will radiate the splendor and glory of God. Steve Gallagher (49:17–Teaching-The Apocalypse)

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