Jesus 4-Blasphemous Claims or Eternal Insights?

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Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 10.09.52 AMThe two could hardly be more different. A proud Pharisee; accustomed to praying on street corners, taking the chief seats and despising those he was called to serve. And a Samaritan woman with a wretched past. Jesus would make astounding claims about Himself to these two people, but would they believe Him? Listen to audio or view video.



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In 1986, Kathy Gallagher helped her husband Steve found Pure Life Ministries, a ministry for men struggling with habitual sexual sin. Kathy soon found herself spending countless hours ministering to the hurting wives of these men, pointing them to Jesus and giving them hope through the very answers that worked for her. Each year hundreds of wives receive counseling through the counseling program she initiated for them years ago. Today, she administrates and produces video clips for the Eternal Weight website.
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