Jesus 2-About My Father’s Business

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Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 10.09.52 AMJesus was reared in Galilee–far from the religious ritualism of Jerusalem. And yet it was there, as a 12-year-old boy, that the great spiritual authority of Jesus first shone forth. Then followed 18 silent years as He was prepared for the great work of His life. You can view video or listen to audio.



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In 1986, Kathy Gallagher helped her husband Steve found Pure Life Ministries, a ministry for men struggling with habitual sexual sin. Kathy soon found herself spending countless hours ministering to the hurting wives of these men, pointing them to Jesus and giving them hope through the very answers that worked for her. Each year hundreds of wives receive counseling through the counseling program she initiated for them years ago. Today, she administrates and produces video clips for the Eternal Weight website.
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  1. Nathan Schumacher  November 12, 2014

    What is so refreshing about this message is that Jesus was a man that had to learn the scriptures when he was young and he worked and lived a life as a man and he learned obedience to the Father by the suffering He had to go through. He is our example of how to live a correct way of life as a man in this world. We also must learn obedience to the Father through suffering just as He did. Are we able to be about our Father`s business and be willing to do the Father`s will instead of our own? When God gives us wisdom in the scriptures it is good for us to seek to discuss this with our teachers and those who also love God`s Word so that we can come to a deeper understanding of whom we serve. Thank you Jesus for showing us the way to the Father and how to truly be about the Father`s business in our lives.


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