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1. The King of Heaven

John 1–When most folks think of Jesus Christ, their thoughts begin at His birth, carry through His life and death, and continue to the present day. But Jesus existed in “the form of God” in eternity past. He ruled the vast regions of Heaven when Lucifer led his revolt. To understand the price He paid, one must begin with what He left.   Steve Gallagher (52:40)

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2. About My Father’s Business

Luke 2–The men gathered about Him were the world’s leading Bible scholars, some of whom had spent upwards of 50 years zealously studying Scripture. And yet, sitting before them was a thoroughly innocent adolescent boy, asking questions and posing thoughts that exposed how misguided had been their interpretations of Scripture, how corrupt their religious system had become. This boy was like no other. He had a mission to fulfill, but it must wait until He received word from His Father.   Steve Gallagher (45:54)

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3. The Inauguration

Matthew 3-4–His baptism would prove to be the last act of His private life. No sooner did He emerge from the water than His first assignment was given: go into the wild wasteland with no sustenance. Jesus obeyed immediately and implicitly. After 40 days of facing powerful, and perhaps unknown to Him, demonically inspired doubts as to His mission, none other than Satan himself appeared to offer Him a way out of the torturous path His Father had prepared for Him.  Steve Gallagher (56:49)

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4. Blasphemous Claims or Eternal Insights?

John 3-4–The two could hardly be more different. A proud Pharisee; accustomed to praying on street corners, taking the chief seats and despising those he was called to serve. And a Samaritan woman with a wretched past. Jesus would make astounding claims about Himself to these two people, but would they believe Him?   Steve Gallagher (47:30)

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5. Christ Unveiled

Luke 4-5–Jesus was reared in a small village in Galilee. It would be here, amongst the townsfolk He had known since childhood, He would present Himself as the long-awaited Messiah. In spite of knowing Him all His life, their response was murderous rage. Not long after this painful incident, Jesus worked a miracle that changed Peter, James and John forever.  Steve Gallagher (51:02)

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6. Life in the Kingdom

Matthew 5-7–The life message of Christ was repentance, but in order for people to change their way of thinking, they must be shown a new way. He presented the Kingdom of Heaven in an absolutely unexpected way. This new Kingdom would not be one of material riches and earthly power, but one of lowliness and meekness.  Steve Gallagher (35:42)

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7. Mysteries of the Kingdom

Matthew 13–Jesus Christ was the only NT figure who employed parables and He did with great effectiveness. Parables were meant to accomplish two ends: to bring greater enlightenment to the sincere seeker and to create obstacles for the insincere. Some of the stories Jesus told powerfully illustrated Kingdom principles.   Steve Gallagher (48:22)

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8. Power Unleashed

Mark 4-5–When Jesus concluded His great day of parables, He and the disciples set out on the Sea of Galilee for some needed rest. Jesus was so exhausted that when a violent storm fell upon their boat, He slept right through it. The frantic disciples woke Him up and He calmed the storm with a word. But a greater storm awaited the small group on the other side of the lake: a storm of demonic darkness.   Steve Gallagher (54.45)

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