Revelation 13a

The man will be a rising star on the world stage of politics when an assassin’s bullet will cut him down. It is then that Satan enters his body and, to the utter amazement of the world’s population, “resurrects” his body. It is at this point that he becomes the Antichrist and begins to initiate his campaign of terror against believers. Steve Gallagher (32:51)

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Revelation 13b

Revelation 13 describes the darkest period of the history of mankind. The very air people breathe will be laden with deception and the man who Satan will use to spread his lies will be the false prophet. His mission is to seduce as many people as possible into following and worshiping the Antichrist. Those who refuse will pay the ultimate price. Steve Gallagher (45:00)

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Revelation 14

While Revelation 13 describes the Great Tribulation from the outward, natural perspective, chapter 14 looks at the same period of time from God’s perspective. There we see God’s people going through triumphantly. As the people of the world are being pressured by the false prophet to take the mark of the beast, four angelic messages are announced to them. The chapter concludes with a sight of the amazing harvest of the righteous and the frightening harvest of the wicked. Steve Gallagher (49:50)

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Revelation 15 & Chronological Layout

After an interlude of several chapters, the unfolding story of the Apocalypse picks up again in Chapter 15. This chapter prepares the reader for the final series of blows to fall upon mankind in Chapter 16. Having considered this short chapter, the sequential order of events described in Scripture from the “Birth Pang Period” of the last days, through the great Tribulation and on into eternity are considered. Steve Gallagher (36:32)

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Revelation 16

After several explanatory chapters, the chronology of the book now picks up again. One plague after another pounds mankind, apparently with no let up. The earth-dwellers have long since taken the mark of the beast and now must face intensifying judgment. As the return of Jesus Christ nears, the people of earth vent their rage against God. Steve Gallagher (48:50)

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Revelation 17

At this point, John steps out of the book’s chronological layout to provide a description of the unraveling of godless civilization. It begins with the Great Harlot–a metaphor for all the false religions of world history, but especially the apostate church of the end times. The apostate church begins its downward spiral through general backsliding, gradually becomes a one-world religion in bed with the Antichrist, but eventually faces his wrath as he demands the worship of all. Steve Gallagher (47:49)

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Revelation 18

Sixteen reasons are offered in chapter 18 as to why Babylon must be judged–not the least of which is that she houses unclean spirits and persecutes God’s people. Three groups of world leaders–those who had the most to lose–are shown lamenting the downfall of Babylon. Earth dwellers are finally forced to the realization that all they have lived for is gone forever. Steve Gallagher (45:05)

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Revelation 19

The Second Coming of Christ is the most prophesied event in Scripture. And three different times in Revelation, at the end of each of the series of judgments, the reader has been brought to the verge of this event, only to be led back into an expanded vision of life on earth. Then finally, on the heels of the seventh bowl of wrath, Christ returns to rescue His people and defeat the Antichrist.  Steve Gallagher (50:34)

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Revelation 20

There is some question as to who will populate the earth during the Millennial period, but whoever it is, no sooner is Satan released from his dungeon and allowed to bring his evil influences upon mankind than they follow him wholeheartedly. This proves once and for all that unregenerate man will not change. Once this final rebellion is quelled, unredeemed mankind is brought into the terrifying setting of the Great White Throne Judgment. Steve Gallagher (50:30)

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Revelation 21

Since Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden in Genesis 3, mankind has awaited the unveiling of the New Jerusalem. This heavenly home will be a place where sin, disease, pain, sorrow, even death are no longer found. The greatest feature of this land of enchantment will be that God is finally able to dwell amongst His people. This tremendous metropolis will radiate the splendor and glory of God. Steve Gallagher (49:17)

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Revelation 22

The final chapter of the Apocalypse brings the tremendous visions of John to a close and ends the book and indeed, the entire Bible, with a fitting conclusion. The reader who was promised blessings in the opening chapter is encouraged and warned in the concluding chapter. Are we preparing ourselves for eternal woe or everlasting bliss? The way we lived our lives will determine the answer. So much is at stake.  Steve Gallagher (53:47)

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