Publisher: Pure Life Ministries
ISBN: 9780971547025

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Irresistible to God

There are some people God simply cannot resist…
Unquestionably, some Christians enjoy favored status with God. “To this one I will look,” Jehovah declared, “to him who is humble and contrite of spirit, and who trembles at My word.” What an astonishing statement! The Almighty looking to a human being!

Yet, there is much within the human heart that exalts itself against God and keeps Him at a distance. Before a person can come into intimate contact with this Holy God, he must first be purged of the hideous cancer of pride that lurks deep within his heart.

This book is a road map that shows the arduous but rewarding way out of the pit of pride and into the green pastures of humility. Here is the place of blessing and favor with God.”—Steve Gallagher

Humility is the key that opens the door into the inner regions of intimacy with God. Irresistible to God unfolds the mystery that God is indeed drawn to the one who is crushed in spirit, broken by his sin, and meek before the Lord and others.



This book really helped me see the different types of pride in my life, helped me realize how much God is against those who are prideful. If God can’t stand the proud, then if we become humble like his son then we are irresistible. – Matthew, Terre Haute, IN

“Irresistible to God” has really floored me. Seven types of pride – I think, actually I know, I am guilty of them all and some more seriously than others. More repentance is needed. All those years of trying to figure out what was wrong with me, and it was just good old-fashioned pride. Sort of simplifies things. The good news is I know what the real problem is and God has a simple answer: humility, a broken and contrite spirit. Great book! –  Pastor Darrel, New Orleans, LA