Soldiers of the Cross

Jesus understood that a great spiritual war was on the horizon of the First Century. He left Galilee for the lastime and headed for Jerusalem. It would prove to be His final recruitment drive when suddenly He was confronted with an opportunity to interview a potential soldier. Very strong message about what it means to be a follower of Christ. Steve Gallagher (54:11)

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Eternal House of Wisdom

The Bible clearly teaches that every man is building a house for eternity. But when one is at death’s door, what kind of house will his life show that he has built? Building a house of wisdom means living one’s life with an eye on eternity.  Steve Gallagher (61:00)

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City of God

Heaven is not some ethereal, mystical existence where believers will sit in tedious boredom throughout eternity. It is a city, with streets and homes and lots of redeemed people. And it is the habitation of God himself, whose glorious and loving presence pervades all that transpires. What will it be like to live one’s daily life in such a place? Believers should become thoroughly acquainted with the happy, bustling activity of this glorious city.  Steve Gallagher (50:32)

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Life Behind the Veil

Scripture tells us that there is a veil that rests over the hearts of mankind, obscuring the unseen realm around us. We need a revelation–an unveiling–of Jesus Christ. It is through the spiritual disciplines that we can know more about this world. The Word teaches us what goes on behind the veil. Fasting gives us a greater sensitivity to it. But when we enter our prayer closet, we actually go behind the veil and affect what transpires there. (59:40) Steve Gallagher

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An Eternal Weight of Glory

This message, which God burned into Steve Gallagher’s heart, served as the catalyst of this website. God has a purpose in the life of every believer: to glorify that person for all eternity. This is not merely preaching hyperbole but the reality of what occurs in the soul of every believer who honors the Lord with his life. A divinely-driven process goes on during the person’s time on earth which will not be truly seen until the hereafter. A message every believer should hear. (48:32) Steve Gallagher

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The Three Great Woes of Hell

A disconcerting warning from Scripture about what awaits the spirit, soul and body of those who reject Christ. Woe, woe, woe are those who refuse to submit to God’s authority and reciprocate His love. The implications of this message are terrifying and devastating. (53:06) Steve Gallagher

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Building a Godly Timeline

Using Ephesians 2, Steve systematically leads his audience through the typical believer’s life: from the time he was lost, following the masses toward the brink of hell; to his salvation and the lifetime of works that will surely follow; and on into a rich and eternal reward in glory. (41:21) Steve Gallagher

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God’s Help in Times of Distress

Steve begins this message by presenting a terribly gloomy picture of what we can expect in the days ahead: earthquakes, tornadoes, financial devastation and so on. But he doesn’t stay there very long because the great message of Psalm 46 is that Almighty God is on His throne and He is watching His people very closely. (49:23) Steve Gallagher


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