The Just Shall Live by Faith

It would be impossible to define American life in one sentence. By the same token, no single sentence or verse can offer a comprehensive definition of what the Christian faith is. In fact, it would require a book the size of the Bible to define it. In short, faith is the connection God has with His people. There are several aspects to it that Scripture reveals. Steve Gallagher (57:07)

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Salvation Without Obedience

God’s grace is the marvel of Christianity, but without a clear sense about the reality of one’s sinful condition and great need, it is easy to abuse it with presumption. God’s grace at work in a person’s life is evidenced by the life that is lived. Steve Gallagher (52:31)

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Four Roadblocks to Holiness

The human conscience is a mental faculty instilled within man to act, not only as a moral monitor, but also as a receptacle of the voice of the Holy Spirit. God’s Spirit guides the believer through the lifelong process of sanctification–a process the enemy attempts to thwart by throwing roadblocks into the believer’s life.  Steve Gallagher (45:56)

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Willing God’s Will

When superficial Christians think about doing God’s will, they think in terms of obeying a few biblical commandments. But when Jesus said that the only people who will gain admittance into heaven are those who do God’s will, He was speaking of something very specific and precise. God has a definite plan for each of His children and it is their responsibility to search it out and live it.  Steve Gallagher (71:41)

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A Time To Tear Down, A Time to Build Up

If God were free to treat His people as He wished, He would only and always lavish them with blessings. But unfortunately, people can’t handle such treatment. We quickly rise up in pride against Him. The Lord must introduce intermittent times of breaking us and restoring us. This system plays an integral part in the sanctification process of purging us of the Self life and filling us with the Holy Spirit.  Steve Gallagher (61:37)

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The Joy of the Lord

This is the second part to the message, “A Time to Tear Down.” One of the spiritual benefits of God’s process of tearing down the Self life is to allow us to participate in His joy. Scripture repeatedly affirms that God is full of joy and, likewise, those who are full of His Spirit are also full of His joy. The deep, inward fulfillment this joy represents is what the world longs for–but typically pursues in all the wrong places.  Steve Gallagher (48:09)

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The Holy Ghost in His Temple

In the New Covenant, the Lord makes seven dramatic promises to the believer, which can be summed up in three statements. He will cleanse him from all sin–not only when the believer first believes but on an ongoing basis thereafter. He will give him a new heart–in other words, He will write His personal DNA onto his inner being. And lastly, the Holy Spirit Himself will take up residence within the person. He will live out the Christ-life through the believer.  Steve Gallagher (47:17)

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Beware of Hypocrisy

Images of scowling Pharisees come to most minds when the word hypocrite is mentioned. But even sincere believers face the tendency to put forth the most positive image to other people. At the root of it is the two-sided motivation of desiring the approval of others and fearing their disapproval. Jeff Colon concludes Steve’s message with a fresh example from his own life.  Steve Gallagher (45.04)

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A Life of Repentance

All true believers live in a state of repentance: continually turning away from the self-life and turning toward God. This mindset produces “fruits of repentance,” such as godly sorrow, a fear of the Lord, indignance toward oneself, and a zeal against sin. The person who lives this way is being fitted for the kingdom of heaven.  Steve Gallagher (47:22)

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Eyes That See

When a believer receives a sight of the Lord, it begins a vital two-part process of the Christian life: seeing your great spiritual need for an inward work and laying hold of God’s provision through Jesus Christ. This encounter with the cross can best be summed up in the words of Paul: “Wretched man that I am!” and “I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord!” (48:09)  Jeff Colon

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Steve Gallagher’s Testimony

“God uses the base things,” and not many could be considered more “base” than the Steve Gallagher of the 70’s and early 80’s. When God rescued him from a downward spiral of drugs and crime, Steve found another outlet for his passions: sexual sin. It would take a dramatic experience as a Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputy to turn his life around. (55:09)  Steve Gallagher

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Jesus in the Fire of God

Most Christians appreciate the loving, caring, compassionate Savior. But Jesus Christ came in the fire of the Holy Spirit and when He dealt with people, His words penetrated their inmost beings.  Steve Gallagher (37:46)

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Restoration of a Damaged Soul

Everybody who has ever lived has been inwardly mauled by the effects of sin. But God has the perfect plan to heal the damage. It is found in the Eternal Word!  Steve Gallagher (40:20)

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