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The Nicolaitan Conspiracy

By the time Jesus gave a direct word to the “Seven Churches of Revelation,” a terrible antinomian movement had swept through the Early Church. It’s message: You don’t have to obey God. By manipulating Scripture, these Nicolaitan teachers had created an atmosphere of rebellion. Satan has resurrected this lie and it is coming into the End Times Church through some surprising venues. Steve Gallagher (57:45)

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The Great Insurrection

God’s Kingdom was a place of perfect peace until Lucifer established his will as an alternative to God’s. That same lawless spirit will one day possess the Antichrist and is already at work within the Church. Apostate Christians are willing to obey God so long as it doesn’t interfere with what they want. There are four lies they tell themselves to justify their rebellion to God’s authority. Steve Gallagher (47:46)

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Crazy Christians

It began when Pastor Steve felt the Lord impress a message into his heart which he in turn translated into his own vernacular: “Christians are crazy if they don’t immerse themselves in My Word while they still can.” The world is becoming increasingly darker. Random murders and bizarre weather patterns are becoming commonplace. But the “perilous times” of the last days are not physical but spiritual. Satan’s power to deceive and seduce are growing every day. It is critical that we spiritually prepare ourselves. Steve Gallagher (54:41)

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Cowards and Conquerors in the End Times Church

“The book of Revelation has a message to the reader,” Steve says, in this message that is different from the blog of similar title. That message is that you must learn what it means to be a conqueror to make it through the difficult times ahead. We can predict how we will react in those trying times by examining certain areas of our lives today. Steve Gallagher (54:19)

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The Coming Great Deception

According to multiple biblical passages, the apostasy will be brought about through an intense atmosphere of deception. False teachers from the evangelical movement in the West will play a prominent part in leading multitudes of professing Christians away from a viable walk with God, one step at a time. Much of this process of being led astray will come about because of a smug attitude that they cannot be deceived.  Steve Gallagher (44:04)

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Taking Heed to the Word of God

This excellent message really captures the essence of the apostate Christian: an outward religion and a corrupted heart. The rich young ruler was given a marvelous opportunity to come into a life in God but when Jesus put His finger on the idol of his heart, he turned away and retreated back into his self-willed, me-first religion. Jeff Colon (58:40)

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The Way of Cain

In this passionate talk, Steve addresses the great reality of our day: a multitude of churchgoers with no more than “a form of godliness.” As he explains, there is a spiritual dynamic involved with a person falling away from God. Could his explanation bridge the gap between Calvinism and Arminianism? The key to this longstanding debate could very well be found in ‘The Way of Cain.’ Steve Gallagher (40:17)

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Jesus in a Bad Marriage

God has procured a wife for His Son to enjoy forever. But Scripture also tells of another bride; one who said the vows, who wanted all of the benefits of such a marriage, but never really gave her heart to Him. Her deepest affections were reserved for her lover–a nasty boyfriend who would indulge her carnal passions. An unforgettable conclusion. (56:16)  Steve Gallagher

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The Spiritual Peril of the Last Days

The great danger of the end times church is not the judgments of God; nor is it persecution. Paul clearly warned that the thing end time believers should fear above all else is falling away from God. In this message, Steve explains the underlying factor that allows this tragedy to occur. Steve Gallagher (46:47)

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A Word to Apostates

“The only difference between an apostate Christian and a total heathen is ‘a form of godliness,'” Steve says. In this strong message, he describes the lifelessness, lovelessness and lawlessness that characterizes the Great Apostasy.
Steve Gallagher (43:19)

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Back from the Brink of Spiritual Ruin

The prophet Amos watched the nation of Israel sliding into terrible apostasy. They crossed one line after another on their downward plunge–just like all backsliders do; just like what is happening in America today. (44:58) Steve Gallagher

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Standing with the Few

It was a time of national apostasy when Hezekiah came to power. The northern tribes of Israel had just been carried off into exile by the Assyrians; none but a remnant of poor people remained. But Hezekiah was determined to institute reforms in Judah, the first of which would be the Passover. Messengers were sent throughout Israel inviting the people to return to the Lord. Most of the people rejected the invitation and abused the messengers; only a few responded.  Jeff Colon (48:48)

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Church People on Broadway

Jesus concluded His powerful Sermon on the Mount with four devastating parables about pseudo-Christians. It is clear from His statements that Judgment Day will come as a terrible shock to those whose evangelical claims did not match the spiritual reality of their lives. Steve Gallagher (38:39)

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