The Wages of Sin are Death

The Apostle Paul’s words are typically taken to refer to eternal damnation,
but the truth is that sin brings death into our every day lives. Steve Gallagher (63:17)

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A Prayer of Repentance

Brad Furges shares about how the enemy is relentless in trying to get us off the narrow path and to look away from the Lord. Listen as he shares from Psalm 51 about David’s broken and contrite heart and how he pleaded for cleansing from the Lord.

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The Father’s Chastening

Brad Furges shares about the discipline of our loving Father and how His great love is exhibited through it.

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The Way of the Backslider

Steve Gallagher shares from Proverbs 14 about the ways of the backslider, how he got there; and then exhorts us to look at our own lives and consider the path that each of us currently are on.

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Failures: Before and After

Brad Furges shares about Jesus’ desire to bring good out of our struggles and how He sympathizes with our weakness.

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The Normal Christian Life

Steve Gallagher talks about the low standard of righteousness amongst today’s Christians. If we could sum up the lives of all of the saints down through the centuries, what would the life of the average Christian look like?

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God’s Response to our Sin

Steve Gallagher talks about how God views our sin and our response. There is a fine balance between God’s grace shown in the New Testament in light of God’s justice system as seen in the Old Testament.

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