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Day of Evil

It is the period leading up to the Great Tribulation, when Satan and his demonic hordes are given increasing power to tempt, deceive and attack Christians. Just when God’s people should be living sober, godly lives, most are given over to self-indulgence, drunk with the spirit of the world and laden with the cares of temporal life. Demons are doing their utmost to lead Christians astray–off the Narrow Path. Yet God has provided them with weapons to take them through victoriously. Steve Gallagher (48:53)

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Ready for the Lord

The Olivet Discourse found in Luke 21 contains a pattern of five distinctive atmospheres Satan is formulating and fostering during the Last Days. While Jesus doesn’t give minute details, He does offer clear cut warnings about what to expect and with that, gives five commandments to help believers protect themselves during these perilous times. (Please watch Something is Going On before listening to this message.)  Steve Gallagher (43:06)

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Come Out of the Darkness of Babylon

It is the Dark Planet that lies in the power of the evil one. In the same way that every aspect of a person’s inward life has been corrupted by sin, so too has Earth been polluted by Satan. The book of Revelation is fairly clear about the spiritual atmosphere in the world in the last days. Religious Babylon (the Harlot), Commercial Babylon and Political Babylon (Antichrist) will all reach a climax of evil before they fall. Steve Gallagher (45:50)

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God’s Man in Babylon

There is a tremendous oppression upon the people of God by the spirit of this world. Multitudes of Christians have been swept up in the carnal allurements of this present evil age. Daniel and his three friends faced the same pressure in the courts of the king of Babylon, but they refused to compromise. Steve Gallagher (48:07)

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When Satan’s Power Reigns Supreme

We are easing into a dark period of history where the forces of evil are gaining greater control. Believers will face intensified attacks in the form of temptation or trial. Indulgence creates cowardice. Christians who cannot handle giving up some of their luxuries and forms of entertainment now, will not be prepared to face the deprivations and persecutions that are coming. Steve Gallagher (59:02) NEW!

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Longing For Sodom

“Remember Lot’s wife,” was the message Jesus wanted to convey to end-believers. What do those ominous sounding words mean? Lot and his wife represent the careless attitude of many in the Church today. Destruction is headed their way and they are completely out of it!
Steve Gallagher (45:40)

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Warriors for God

God is raising up an army of men who will be unstoppable. He has laid out the battlefield before us and called each of us to be a man of war; in fact, to be “more than conquerors.” Jeff Colon (43:12)

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